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10 Most Expensive Cars in the World

They’re luxurious, they’re lust worthy, they’re fast, they’re also the worlds most expensive. These 10 cars are the most expensive models you can buy today, from Maybach to Mercedes, Bugatti to Lamborghini. While only the richest of the rich can afford them, we can still drool.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish

The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish is a supercar manufactured by Aston Martin. It rose to fame after being featured as the official James Bond car in ‘Die another Day’. Its base price is $255,000.

Lamborghini Murciélago

The Lamborghini Murciélago is a GT and supercar automobile made by. It was introduced in 2002 as the successor to the Diablo. The body style is a two door. Its base price is $279,900.

Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is a luxury saloon automobile made by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, a BMW subsidiary. It was launched in 2003. Its base price is about $320,000.

Maybach 62

The Maybach 62 was the first automobile models of the Maybach brand since the brand’s revival by DaimlerChrysler. It will cost you about $385,250.

Mercedes SLR McLaren

The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a sports car and supercar automobile co-developed by DaimlerChrysler and McLaren Cars. The car’s base price is $455,500.

Porsche Carrera GT

The Porsche Carrera GT is a supercar, manufactured by Porsche of Germany. The Carrera GT is powered by V10 engine producing 612 horsepower. It will cost your about $484,000.

Koenigsegg CCX

The Koenigsegg CCX is the latest supercar from Koenigsegg. CCX is an abbreviation for Competition Coupe X. The engine produces 806 hp. It costs about $600900.

Pagani Honda C12 F

The Zonda C12 F is the most extensive reengineering of the Pagani car yet. The company promises a 3.2 second sprint to 97 km/h and has a top speed of over 374 km/h. It costs about $741,000.


The Enzo Ferrari was built in 2003 using Formula One technology, such as a carbon-fiber body, sequential shift transmission, and carbon-ceramic brake discs. It costs about $1,000,000.

Bugatti Veyron
The Bugatti veyron is the most powerful, most expensive, and fastest street-legal production car in the world, with a speed of over 400 km/h. It costs about $1,700,000.

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Rihanna Hot Photoshoot in Bikini 2011

Robyn Rihanna Fenty (born February 20, 1988), better known as simply Rihanna (pronounced /riˈɑːnə/ ree-yah-na or /riˈænə/ ree-an), is an R&Brecording artist.[3] Born in Saint Michael, Barbados, Rihanna moved to the United States at the age of 16 to pursue a recording career under the guidance of record producer Evan Rogers.

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Penelope Cruz Hot Photoshoot 2011

Penélope Cruz Sánchez (born April 28, 1974) is a Spanish actress. Signed by an agent at age 15, she made her acting debut at 16 on television and her feature film debut the following year in Jamón, jamón (1992), to critical acclaim. Her subsequent roles in the 1990s and 2000s included Open Your Eyes(1997), Woman on Top (2000). Cruz achieved recognition for her lead roles in Vanilla Skyand Blow. Both films were released in 2001 and were commercially successful worldwide.

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Brazilian Hot And Cute Model Dabora

Dabora, only 14 year old model from Brazil, because a group photo that was circulated on the Internet, she has been a great concern.

Name: Dabora (Débora Silva)
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 23, 1997 (March 1, 1997)
Nationality: Brazil
Occupation: Model
Hometown: Brazil, Goias, Annapolis
Language: English Spanish
Skin Color: White
Eye Color: Brown
Shoes: 37
Weight: 54.00kg
Height: 1.68m
Language: English Spanish

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How to make a Heart Shaped Egg

I’ll show you a very easy & popular method to mold a hard boiled egg in Japan

Step 1: Cut milk carton and fold it in half lengthwise.

Step 2: Make a hard boiled egg.
Step 3: While the egg is still warm, peel the egg and put the egg on the milk carton, place a chopstick on the center of the egg, and put rubber bands on the both ends.

If you don’t have a round chopstick maybe you can put a skewer inside a straw and use it. (If you use a disposable chopstick, the middle part of the heart will probably look funky.)

Make sure the egg is freshly boiled and warm. Otherwise the egg might break from the pressure.

It’s hard to see but you want the chopstick to dig into the egg.

Step 4: Leave it for about 10 minutes. (Keep the egg in the fridge if it’s summer time.)
Step 5: Take the chopstick off and cut the egg in half.

Hard boiled eggs are so soft, smooth and easily modified.

But the heart shaped yolk makes it even more adorable! Also every pair is very unique, so no other pair is like it! Kind of romantic, isn’t it?

You can put them in the bento just as they are.

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Two-headed monster Snake scares Ukrainian Zoo visitors (Video)

A Slavic fairytale about a multi-headed “dragon” has partially come true at a zoo in southern Ukraine.
An albino California Kingsnake arrived in Ukraine from a German snake-breeding farm. The snake indeed has two heads that breathe, think, react and eat separately.

As close as they could be, the heads, however, are not very friendly to each other. Zoo workers say that they have to put a barrier between them when feeding the snake.
“We should keep one head away from another when one of them eats,” Oleg Zubkov, head of Yalta Zoo, told the Associated Press. “One head is dominant, so sometimes she wants to take a mouse off the other head.”
Healthy serpents of this kind are extremely rare, appearing only about once in every 50 years. Still, the zookeepers are optimistic about the animal’s future.
“In the wild, there is one chance in a million that a two-headed snake would survive,” said Zubkov. “But in the zoo she can live until she gets old. Normally, such snakes get really big.”
Locals have already nicknamed the snake “Gorynych” after the fairytale monster dragon killed by a brave knight. They are now sure there was at least some truth in the old legend.
The snake will be on display at the zoo until mid-September.
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Naughty Horny Animals !

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What If Celebs were Zombies ?

While there are apocalyptic zombie films that are produced rather often by Hollywood, almost to the point of being cliche, there aren’t any celebrities who are actually zombies, that we know of.  So, the people over at Worth1000 posted the question, what would the world look like if celebrities were zombies?
Well, here’s the collection of some celebrities, in zombie form.  These celebrities aren’t actually zombies, only in your dreams…although since Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the celebrities in this collection, maybe dreams can be reality.
Justin Bieber

Ewan McGregor


Mila Cunis

Miley Cyrus

Tom Cruise

Leonardo DiCaprio

Amber Heard

Cate Blanchett

Kiera Knightley
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Feels Good Man

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